Whatever your health and fitness goals, our personal trainers at Ethos in South Kensington are on hand to support you.

By assessing your goals and current fitness levels, our personal trainers will work with you to create a bespoke and achievable personal training plan. What’s more, they also be able to provide advice on diet and nutrition, safe training techniques, and arm you with the knowledge to take your own training to the next level.


Ali Al Ramahi personal trainer London

Ali Al Ramahi

Ali’s approach to fitness focuses on being fun and creative. Workouts are based on scientific research, helping clients to achieve their goals in a safe and efficient manner. Contact Ali:

T: 020 3700 3101
E: admin@ohsp.co.uk
W: www.ohsp.co.uk

Tomasz Zielinski

Tomasz is a fully qualified personal trainer, triathlon coach, and strength & conditioning coach. With fresh ideas, Tomasz drives clients to new levels, going above and beyond their initial goals. Contact Tomasz:

T: 0786 400 4448
E: info@ecstatic-training.com
W: ecstatic-training.com