Our on-site sports therapists in South Kensington offer a range of preventative and remedial therapies to compliment your health and fitness programme.

Sports Therapy - Health and Fitness

Sports Massage

Sports massage helps to prevent injury, improve flexibility and enhance sports performance.

Osteopath South Kensington London


Osteopaths treat muscles, joint problems and soft tissue injuries including; back and neck pain, joint and sport injuries.


Chiropractors alleviate problems with the joints, bones and muscles to treat back and neck pain, whiplash, headaches and migraines, joint pain, muscle spasms and cramp.

Physiotherapy South Kensington London


Physiotherapy treats musculo-skeletal conditions and injuries including; neck and back pain, joint pain and swelling, sprains and strains.

Remedial massage South Kensington London

Remedial Massage

Generally used as a preventative treatment, remedial massage prevents and treats a number of conditions including stress relief, blood and lymphatic circulation and flexibility.